Who I Am

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Welcome; you are at my door step so come on in! I guess you found me; well let me entertain you.

I am Jackie Phamotse. You can call me Jackie P; it’s easier right? Grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea and relax… let’s talk a little.

This is my story; let me take you on my epic journey.

My roots run as far as Lesotho, a magnificent mountainous kingdom in a small community called Qacha’s Nek like many from Lesotho, my parents ran for South Africa back in the 80s. I was born in Soweto. My family is scattered all over the world, but my father lives in Westonaria, a tiny mining town outside Johannesburg. My beloved mother passed on in 2008.

There is something special about humble beginnings: you sort of know yourself better in that dusty, unstructured environment. The world seems like a blank page, and it’s exciting to imagine what your life could be one day. I understand the strife of poverty and I never wanted to stay poor, so I started dreaming… a dreamer is what I am and every chance I get I make one of my dreams a reality. Just like I have done with my bestselling book Titled BARE the blessers game. So I left home at the age of 18; I was determined to see the world and become a model / writer, and guess what? TODAY I AM! My big mouth and my damn curiosity lead me to the notorious elite area of Sandton, north of Johannesburg, and my life became one big movie, crazy you may think but extremely exciting.

For a while I gave up on my dreams, but I found that dreams can come true when you remember where you come from and don’t allow your pain to steal them away. Hence I say, "don’t live to give the last best days to the cemetery. Start living TODAY!"

Well, you might think I am full of myself now, right? but I have been through hard times too… come closer… did you know I was gang-raped? Did you know I’ve had three miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy? I tried ending it all three times, and recently I had to give up my home to regain my life. So yes, I feel qualified to call myself a classic case of human reinvention. When all the doors in my life close, I have learned to learn a new skill to keep the flame in me alive! I keep on re-inventing myself over and over again. I have fallen over so many times that the world wrote me off. But I still knew I was going to be GREAT. Giving up on life is easy, whereas standing and fighting for a dream can be breathtakingly challenging. Just imagine how blessed you could be if you had the willpower to NEVER GIVE UP! My life is engrossed by the city now; I am a self published national best-selling author, and co-owner of the first Black-owned energy drink in Africa, MoFaya Beverage Company. I am also an inspirational speaker of note… can you tell? While you still thinking about that you can also book me as your Master of Ceremonies.

Well, are you asking how an underprivileged girl from a small mining town got all of this right?

Keep clicking through my website to find out.

Happy reading …

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